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One Minute Reader School-to-Home Program

One Minute Reader materials are designed for one-time use by a reader at home—the students write and chart their scores, take the quiz, and solve the puzzles, all right in the books. But some schools wanted a way to adapt the One Minute Reader program for repeated use by students whose parents may not be able to purchase the materials on their own.

In response, Read Naturally started packaging One Minute Reader materials in bundles designed for use in school-to-home programs, where students can check out the books and audio CDs. Instead of writing in the books themselves, students write on separate record sheets.

Note that One Minute Reader materials (books, audio CDs, and record sheets) may not be copied or reproduced in any manner for any purpose.

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What Teachers Say About One Minute Reader

"The kids that did it last summer loved it and entered school in the fall at either the same level as last spring, or above. Teachers report increased confidence and volunteering to read aloud in class, and a general rise in the quality of their work in language arts."
Martha Ginger, Learning Specialist, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

"My students, all of whom have significant weaknesses in the area of reading, have increased their fluency rate with the use of One Minute Reader. Each Monday they ask, "What is our new fluency story?" They no longer approach reading with apprehension! They jump right in to see what interesting facts they can learn!"
Michelle Siegel, Lake Worth, FL

"My student (and I am the tutor) has grown in leaps and bounds with this program. He is very motivated and sets goals for himself as we move up in fluency. Given that he has serious learning disabilities, I am thrilled. I plan to begin the program with a new student who has ADHD."
Kirsten Stacy, Alameda, CA

"I am tutoring a fourth-grade dyslexic student. We started with Level 1, and he responded with enthusiasm. We find the materials interesting and highly motivating. His parents have appreciated the simple format of timing and record keeping which enables them to support their son in a positive way."
Mary Ann Gariepy, Lake Orion, MI

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