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A Powerful Home Reading Program

One Minute Reader books apply the principles of modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring that have been proven to be powerful strategies for helping kids become better readers.

Each book includes five high-interest stories that are the right length to encourage readers to practice without being overwhelming. The
books also include extra features like graphs for charting students' progress, crosswords puzzles, stickers, glossary terms, and fun facts.

One Minute Reader books are written at different reading levels so readers can find the level that fits their ability.

Which level is right for me?

Our Placement Guide can help you
decide which level is right for a reader.
The Placement Guide includes sample stories you use to evaluate the reader plus complete instructions.

Placement Guide

Level 1 Body BusinessShop for Level E Readers

These stories consist of a few short, simple sentences with several words repeated.

Level 1 Body BusinessShop for Level 1 Readers

These stories consist of short, simple sentences with very few difficult words.

Level 2 Fun FestivalsShop for Level 2 Readers

These stories consist of simple sentences with a few difficult words.

Level 3 Amazing AthletesShop for Level 3 Readers

These stories consist of longer sentences with several difficult words.

Level 4 Roman MythologyShop for Level 4 Readers

These stories consist of some complex sentences with more difficult words.

Level 5 Survival StoriesShop for Level 5 Readers

These stories consist of complex text with more advanced concepts.

Shop for Accessories

Starter kits include a timer, graphing pencil, and instructional DVD,
but you can also order them separately.

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What's Included

Starter Kits
If it's your first time using One Minute Reader, a starter kit will give you everything you need to get started. Starter kits include the following items in a sturdy plastic album:
A book of five stories plus an audio CD.
A timer for the cold and hot timings.
A red/blue pencil for graphing the cold and hot scores.
An instructional DVD that explains how the program works.
Each 6.75- by 9.25-inch consumable book includes:
Five interesting stories with color illustrations.
Comprehension questions.
A glossary of difficult words.
A crossword puzzle for extra vocabulary practice.
Extra fun facts for each story.
Achievement stickers.
A progress graph for tracking the cold and hot timing scores.
An accompanying audio CD has recordings of:
The instructions for completing the steps.
Three recordings of each story, read at increasing speeds.
The fun facts.
Each glossary word & definition.