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Level 2 Bundle
Level 2 Bundle
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    The level 2 bundle includes the level 2 starter kit plus seven more books for only $99.95—a savings of 14% compared to materials purchased separately. 

    The level 2 bundle includes eight books (each with an audio CD) for a total of 40 stories. The following books are included:
    pointer Ready, Set, Red!
    pointer Cool Creatures
    pointer Peculiar Plants
    pointer Fun Festivals
    pointer Amazing Athletes
    pointer Body Business
    pointer Bugs!
    pointer Animal Heroes
    In addition to the Ready, Set, Red! book and audio CD, the level 2 starter kit includes the following items in a sturdy plastic album:
    pointer A timer for the cold and hot timings.
    pointer A red/blue pencil for graphing the cold and hot scores.
    pointer An instructional DVD that explains how the program works.