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One Minute Reader Success Stories

"My daughter has just started using the One Minute Reader, and loves the program. Now she's the one asking me if she can read!"
Gundula O’Neal, Baker City, OR

"These books have done wonders for my students. It's been the missing fluency piece I've needed for a long time! And the kids love the stories." Donna Austin, Wakefield, MA

"Thank you especially for your choice of topics—interesting, informative and written to spark my son's interest (and mine too!). This is a fantastic program."
Wendi Hrehovcsik, Oceanside, CA

"My daughter's fluency greatly increased while doing the books. I've never seen her get so involved in any school work.  She was very motivated to beat her score each time. It was very successful."
Nicole Holliman, Wimberley, TX

"The One Minute Reader stories are high interest so it kept my son intrigued. The step-by-step process makes the program very easy to use. The fun puzzles added an extra incentive for him to continue with the program the next day. He saw his speed improving and it really built his confidence and self-esteem."
Angela Anthony, Pella, IA

"My son actually begs me to use this program—he thinks it's fun to try to beat his score each time. He's having such a good time that he doesn't realize how much he's learning. It makes learning to read fun, which keeps him interested."
Lori Weeks, Elk River, MN

"A wonderful asset and resource to use with students needing remediation in literacy. My 12 year old enjoys the independence of the One Minute Reader and the motivation stimulated by self-timing and graphing results."
Claire Dean, Bateman, WA

"My students enjoy the topics that the One Minute Reader presents. They loved learning about who invented the first popsicle. I like the topics because they are nonfiction and the facts are not something they could find in every other book."
Robyn Whyte, Cincinnati, OH

"My son couldn't wait to sit down and work on his "purple" book. He amazed himself so much with his growth that he would tell everyone who came into our house about the program and show them his book."
Nathan Wright, Rio Vista, CA

"I think the topics are of interest and like the way vocabulary words are introduced. I most like the ease of counting words read per minute to evaluate the student's performance."
Joanne Blake, Pine City, MN

"My son definitely improved on this program. We are so busy, as everyone is, but it made the whole thing doable to be timed and easy to do."
Jean Bousquet, Wimberley, TX

"I have triplets, and one of them is a year behind in school. In the summer, the girls do One Minute Reader together, trading stories and trying to beat their own time. They all love it and like doing it during the school year as well. One Minute Reader gives all my girls a great deal of confidence, which gives them the excitement to read everything around them."
Lisa Harp, Ukiah, CA

"At the end of second grade, my daughter was way below where she should be in her reading level. She has dyslexia and ADD, and her dyslexia teacher informed me about One Minute Reader. I purchased three level 2 books to use during the summer. My daughter loved doing the stories and competing against her scores. She would bring me the graphs to show me how she was improving. When she finally finished the story, she would confidently read the story to her father and me. She is now in the third grade and actually on the correct grade level now."
Nicole Holliman, Wimberley, TX

"My son is dyslexic, and he loves the One Minute Reader program. The stories are topics that really interest him. It only takes a few minutes each day, and I have seen a significant improvement in his reading skills in just five months."
Patricia King, Winter Haven, FL

"As a mother of a son who is struggling with reading, I love the One Minute Reader program. It is very easy to use, the topics are fantastic (I am just as intrigued as my son!), and , best of all, it is very reasonably priced. I would recommend it to anyone!"
Wendi Hrehovcsik, Oceanside, CA

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