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Sample Stories

Check out these sample stories to get an idea of what the One Minute Reader stories are like. The sample stories and the placement guide can help you determine which level might be right for a given reader.

pointer One Minute Reader Placement Guide

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Level Sample Story Stories in this level...
A Stick That Walks from Bugs! Consist of a few short, simple sentences with several words repeated.
We Need Bees from Cool Creatures Consist of short, simple sentences with very few difficult words.
Quicksand from Ready, Set Red! Consist of simple sentences with a few difficult words.
Food Fight! from Fun Festivals Consist of of longer sentences with several difficult words.
London Burns from Disasters Consist of some complex sentences with more difficult words.
Special Delivery! from It Happened in America. Consist of complex text with more advanced concepts.

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Choosing the Right Level

One Minute Reader books are written at different color-coded reading levels, so each reader can find stories at an appropriate reading level.

Use the following criteria to choose the level of books that's right for the reader. The level is appropriate if the following statements are true about someone's initial reading of the story:

The reader is challenged by the story.
The reader knows many but not all of the words in the story.
The reader is not yet able to read the story with proper phrasing and expression.