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Candyce Ihnot Answers Questions
About One Minute Reader

One Minute Reader is based on Read Naturally, a successful classroom reading program developed by Candyce Ihnot, who is a reading teacher in the Minneapolis Public Schools. Read Naturally is used in thousands of schools across North America, just as One Minute Reader is used in thousands of homes.

Here, Candyce answers some common questions about the One Minute Reader home reading program.

Q: Who can benefit from using One Minute Reader?

Q: How often and how long should readers work on the One Minute Reader stories?

Q: Do I need to be present while my child works on One Minute Reader?

Q: Do the readers have to read out loud?

Q: Why does the narrator on the CD read slowly?

Q: Should the reader always read along with the CD three times?

Q: How many times should a reader practice reading the same story?

Q: How important is it to read without mistakes?

Q: What should I listen for as my child reads during the final timing?

Q: What kind of fluency improvement can I expect within a story?

Q: How do I know when my child is ready for higher-level books?

Q: How can I help my child build vocabulary?